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This is a wiki made for the purpose of fleshing out the Crownless Lands original Pathfinder setting. This setting is brand new and we are excited for you to help us build it!


The Fang, also known as the Crownless Penninsula, juts from the Western coast of the landmass dominated by the Dwarven Imperium . In ancient times, these lands were part of an expansive elven empire. After the Great Elven War 2,000 years ago, the Penninsula was taken by the human kingdom of Ardiman. The fall of the elves marks the beginning of the Aenic calendar, which is used by the denizens of the Fang to this day. By Aenic reckoning, the years before the war are known as the Dominion of Elves (DE), while the years following are known as the Dominion of Men (DM). Between 1588 and 1606 DM, civil war tore Adriman apart, resulting in the smaller nations of today's Penninsula.

Nations in the Crownless Lands:

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